Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 85

Case Study Example For this reason, it was essential to adopt an advertising strategy totally different from the prevailing ones. b) The first campaign of Axe made use of the broadcast media as the central element of advertising. This media was chosen to captivate the audience after having reached them. The ‘dirty message’ that was part of this campaign was targeted to reach the intended audience by airing the commercials during telecast of television programs that were famous in the age-group that was being targeted. Program like Baywatch, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Real World were chosen for this purpose. In addition to the broadcast media, Axe also made use of the print media to display luring ads in magazines like Playboy, Maxim and Sports illustrated swimsuit issue. An additional line of action was targeting spring break destinations that were favorite among college boys. The walls of these places were covered with posters and pictures of the products manufactured by Axe. One last media used for advertisement was the internet; a website by the name of www.theaxeeffect.com served to entertain the target audience i.e. young boys. c) The second campaign made use of the ‘storytelling power’ of television and cinema combined. Since the issue was to promote the ‘detailer’ and ‘shower gel’ collectively, it was essential to promote the use of detailer using multiple media channels, as it was a novel concept at that time. In addition to the cinema and television, digital media was employed and various means like videos promoted through YouTube were used for the purpose. The idea was to promote the novel â€Å"Axe Detailer: The Manly Shower Tool†, which served just one purpose i.e. â€Å"Clean Your Balls†. In my opinion, this effort was driven by reach. d) Instead of using the traditional forms of promotion, Axe should now focus on promotion through direct interaction with the public. This may include

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