Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ethical issues in packaging practices Research Paper

Ethical issues in case practices - Research Paper ExampleThe ethical percept of issues related to packaging can be demarcated based on opinionated judgments of related packaging professionals, ethically interested customers along with brand managers. Moreover, the difference of opinions amongst consumers and business practitioners can be sight in terms of ethical sensitivity, perceived norms of industry along with app bent outcomes of practices of business. It can also be observed that business practitioners are identified to be possessing lower ethical sensitivity. On the other hand, ethically interested customers are very much concerned around the issue of packaging as compared to the business people. Furthermore, in this regard, it can be apparently viewed that ethical issues in packaging practices include label information, packaging safety, packaging graphics as well as environmental issues (Bone & Corey, 2000). Contextually, green packaging can be considered as a new breakt hrough of consumer issue in order to deal with and shed more light on the modern sidereal day consumer standpoints related to the ethical issues associated with packaging. From the above evidences, it is quite evident that packaging in the sustainable manner has been preferred by customers in the global market context. Green packaging has been the standout facet which is based on rendering environmental well-disposed offerings for consumers in order to decrease unwanted substances and other significant aspects. Packaging is also considered as the lowest expensive form of advertisement. Thus, this invaluable source of gaudy communication media needs to be carefully handled by concerned marketers keeping in consideration the ethical aspects associated with the use of this imperative facet (Shimp, 2010). With these considerations, the paper aims to formulate the ethical stand on one of the major environmental concerning issues i.e. packaging. Prevalent Packaging Practices and Ethic al Concerns The practices which are related to packaging both directly and indirectly can be observed on the basis of quality and quantity of the product. It can be stated that the size of packaging along with the contents are employed to create awareness well-nigh the varied product related information. The offered quality and substance of the product are generally demarcated on the packaging. However, at times, it is on the face of it observed that design for packaging depicts information for misleading consumers towards purchasing that product. Therein lays the emergence of ethical issues which can severely dent the prevailing trust of the consumers in the long run. Another implication related to packaging practices can be identified as producer at times imitates packaging patterns for misleading about actual product quality as well as at times pricing is indicated wrongly or eliminated from packaging (European Parliament, 2012). In the modern day context, packaging issues can b e considered to be significant in terms of creating environmental concerns. As a result of which, most of the organizations are emphasizing on using lesser amount of packaging in order to keep the environment free from waste and pollution. Modern day marketers have been compelled to focus on the materials used for packaging which are reusable and renewable and are produced from proper utilization of natural resources. It can also be mentioned that packaging accounts for nearly fractional of the carbon

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