Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pros and cons of marriage versus singlehood as contrasting lifestyles Assignment

Pros and cons of marriage versus singlehood as contrasting lifestyles - Assignment ExampleIn addition, the single life allows for full planning on definite grounds where at that place are no dependents in the society to bring in discombobulating events (Jones 14). The married life on the other hand provides security system of its own in relation to retirement, where social security in America plans for early retirement in considering early retirement. As such, it offers early retirement benefits for the aging or those close to retirement age beca ingestion it allows one spouse to have the benefits while the other works. However, the cons of marriage are not as rosy as the benefits due to the lack of independence as seen in the criteria used by society to determine how the said social security benefits are received. This is because it is dependent on a third person such as the wife, or the state of being a dependent for a child under the age of 16 years (Rose 51). TV shows and diff erent cultures/ ethnicities The first show everybody hates Chris portrays the a African American family, that has both parents, which contradicts the text in that despite stating that many children are raise by single parent. However, Chris school friend is raised by a single parent who is his father, but the family of this friend is native white American. The work moral principle of the black family, which belongs to Chris is portrayed strongly as his father works three jobs and two at the least. However, his mother fails this work ethic concept in that she only if works when she desperately needs money, and then quits citing that her husband works three jobs to support her and her children. In spite of this, there is no mention of self-help groups, nevertheless a neighbourhood watch and no other although there is mention of kinship, where the black community is close knit. Another show portraying how Latino Americans is Weeds, where there is a close knit society of marijuana d ealers who know one another and mostly engage in crime on a familial basis. The bilingual aspect is highlighted multiple instances, where they choose between English and Spanish to communicate based on the level of understanding requisite and secrecy intended. To plunk for the text, the population in the crime families keeps rising with new arrivals to take over certain aspects of drug and security businesses run by their families. The third show is NCIS, which has a portrayal of middle eastern families, especially Israel and Iran, where gender roles are the way of life with females sticking to their expectations as seen with Ziva David. The contradiction in the gender roles is that Ziva is respected more than other male members of her family as she is obedient, and that her family only has herself and her father. Online dating Online dating websites require users to provide different forms of information, most of which is personal, and POF is no different as the information requ ired starts from ones name and gender, and ends with ethnicity and nationality (POF). The website guarantees that the entire registration and use of their services is free, which means that there is no need to pay any money to use their service. The appeal of the website lies mainly in its ability to appeal to all that do not feel sufficiently endowed in finances. This way there is a larger variety of people and a diversity since one can even choose from different ethnicities and cultures. The reputation of websites for

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