Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Business Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Business Ethics - Case Study Example Mike, who is the loss prevention and security manager and has been working in the retail store for more than ten years, has noticed that a diamond studded watch is missing. Mike has ruled out external theft, after studying the videotapes by the closed-circuit TV on that fateful day. The relevant facts in this particular case are: The decision to fire Todd just because he failed a lie detector is not enough grounds to dismiss him, unless if there is new and substantial evidence, implicating Todd, that could be helpful in dismissing Todd. The primary stakeholders in this case are; Susan the human resources manager, Mike-the loss prevention/ security manager and Todd the salesperson. The possible alternatives in this case include forgetting the whole issue about firing Todd and retaining him and his duties just like before. The other alternative could be having a candid discussion with Todd and making him confess out of his own volition. If this happens, the human resources could then take the necessary measures that are suitable in dismissing Todd in a decent procedural manner that will not bring any legal proceedings against the retail store. The ethics of the alternative is that everything will be carried out in the right legal way instead of using information that can be challenged in a court of law. The other employees will thus feel they are not being victimized and that their employer is in sync with their situation. It will also help save the retail store face and make the employees more confident in their jobs and the retail shop in general. The practical constraint to this whole scenario is the issue of bringing Todd to confess to having stolen the watch. This could be really hard, since as any other employee, Todd wants to retain his job. The issue of also proving that Mark stole the watch is quite hard, being the fact that there are no witnesses ready to testify against Todd. The closed circuit camera footages are also not able to show

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