Monday, July 29, 2019

Twin Turbo Engine Repair Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Twin Turbo Engine Repair - Research Paper Example A twin turbo engine is that type of engine which has two such turbo chargers installed at its intake manifold. Twin turbo chargers can be used for in parallel (to increase the amount of charge) or sequential (to increase the pressure of charge) operation. Examples of cars using such engines are Toyota Supra and BMW N54 etc. The current paper addresses one of the major repair problems for a twin turbo engine. Overhauling a Turbocharger: Most of the turbocharger users prefer to replace the whole turbocharger assembly in case of a fault. This is because of the complexities that arise during the repair of the assembly. The most important challenge during a turbocharger repair arises due to the small size of the components. This makes the vital parts such as bearings, turbine and compressor blades, seals etc. inaccessible for the repairer. Specialized tooling is required to perform most of the operations which is not readily available. All the operations from checking bearing play to misa lignment of the components require special expertise. However, we shall discuss here the challenges that arise while cleaning the insides of a turbocharger in a twin turbo engine. In a normal engine overhaul, engine degreasers are used to clean the insides of the engine and make it spot free.

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