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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan - Essay Example Amy Tan wrote the Joy luck Club, as she hoped to understand her own relationship with her mother, who expected her valuing Chinese cultural ethos, while being Americanized as well. This had put an additional burden on the adolescent mind of Tan, apart from having to bear the stress faced by other teenagers, due to the common problems relating to generation gap. Amy Tan wrote The Joy luck club, to share the cultural distinctions, which Tan faced as she grew up; along with an effort to keep a better understanding with her mother. She, in the process, hoped to sort out her cultural heritage, through this written work, to ensure the same. The author has been widely appreciated for her bold initiative, humor and objectivity depicted in her written work. As the novel gives a detailed account of relationship between Chinese mothers and their Americanized daughters, most of young Chinese-American females have identified themselves with the Tan’s characters and clash of opinions with t heir mothers. The male readers find the novel to deliver an opportunity for understanding their behavior towards the fair sex. Reflective summary While this novel has four sections, each one depicts the story of relationship between mother and her daughter, during a particular stage in their lives. The story of Suyuan Woo, being one of the four, is quite interesting as it reveals the trauma of this mother who lost her family, which included her daughters, during the Japanese war. As she later arrives in America during 1947, Woo still remains unaware of the fact that her twin daughters were rescued. Eventually Woo starts a new life in America, after she gets re-married and settles in San Francisco. The couple has a daughter named, Jing-mei, while Woo continues the Joy luck club in USA, on the lines of similar club in China, along with other three ladies. Woo died a sudden death, while unsuccessfully trying to understand her daughter, all through. The mother and daughter could never r esolve their differences completely during the lifetime of Woo. However, the story throws a pleasant surprise as Woo’s friends tell Jing-mei about the finding of Suyuan’s lost daughters. Jing-mei eventually meets her sisters in Shanghai, with the monetary help coming from Woo’s friends, for such visit. Similarly, another story reveals the character of An-mei, who is the friend of Woo and member of the club. The story reveals her relationship with husband George Hsu and the daughter. The other two women are Lindo Jang and Yin Yin St. Clair. The club members meet every week, while enjoying ethnic Chinese food and raising money. Bond between Chinese mothers and their American daughters The main purpose of this novel has been highlighting the relationship between first generation Chinese immigrant mothers and their Americanized daughters. As most of the differences remain unresolved, Jing-mei’s case reveals the adaptation of American culture by her through ad option an American name, June. This is symbolic of her accepting the American cultural ethos. However, the narration of June, in the relevant story has tried to bridge the gap between generations and cultures, as well as, the heritage of China and America. ("The Joy Luck Club: Introduction.") Contrasting values Tan has tried to highlight the inability of bonding the concepts of two cultures, in her

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