Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Aristotle In our fast paced technologically advanced society today, our governments subscribe evolved into supposedly well oiled machines effectively managing budgets, jails, militaries, as well as umteen other programs. Unfortunately, numerous of these governments are not as well organized, as they could be. Democratic countries like France, Germany, and even the United States have some very stern shortcomings to the way their governments are managed. These problems occur, many times at a very basic level, rather than at the minor details. One problem that is consistent with many countries is the maintenance of governmental programs over large geographical areas. Many times geographic or social differences within countries are what cause these problems. The ancient Hellenic philosopher Aristotle had simple, yet ingenious ways to deal with problems, precisely like these. Aristotle solved this problem, for example, by dividing the country into both geographic and social regions. Then he would have smaller governments for each of these sections. These divisions were similar to states or provinces in some modern countries today. Aristotles ideas, in general, on governmental politics were revolutionary in Athens, when he wrote them and some could even have positive effects on governments today. Modern governments, such as Germany, France, and the United States could all use Aristotles ideas to make their profess governments run much more efficiently. Aristotle even had plans to minimize corruption, a big problem in most governments today (politics 1286a). If modern democratic countries based their governmental philosophies more on Aristotles theories, they could run smoother and do a better job of supporting the people, which is what democracies were made for in the first place. The polis is a alliance of citizens in a system of government thatserves to achieve the common good. It is not just a place where people livetogether for defense against enemies and for the counterchange of goods. It israther a partnership between households, clans, and villages for the sake of afully developed and self-sufficient life. The polis gives those who possesswisdom and moral intellect a venture to move up to high positionsJustice is the political good in the polis, and it must promote thecommon interest of the people. What is perceived to be good has to bedistrib... ...ld have authority rather than those who are best fit to rule, and groupsfew in number. Although everyone in the polis may not be a political scientist,they can work better together with peers. With each individual having qualitiesof excellence and intelligence, they join to form a single entity.The real difference between country and oligarchy is between povertyand wealth. Oligarchy occurs when rulers owe their power to wealth whether ornot they are the majority. Tyranny can be described as the worst of twainpotential evils. It is extreme oligarchy in its distrust of the masses an dextreme democracy in its hostility to the noteables (Page 211). Aristotlesays the best form is one based on merit. A combination between oligarchy anddemocracy is constitutional government.Although people can agree on what justice is, they often fail to reachit because they can not impediment from pursuing their own goals and desires. A goodgovernment can moderate between what people think is just and what is best forthe common good. Aristotles theories are basics of our current politicalsystem and earned him the title The Father of Political Science.

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